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Award Winners 2014

  • Best Radio Commercial - UTV
    UTV were up against U105 and Blaxland but UTV ultimately won the Best Radio Commercial award with "Me The Road The Finish". Produced by Tariq Mirza, Written by David Scott, Voiced by Zoe Vernon
  • Best Use Of Humour - UTV
    UTV were up against Blaxland and Radio Forth but also managed to scoop the Best Use Of Humour award with "Posh Crisps". Produced by Alex Shenton, Written by Anthony Riley, Voiced by Ian Swann and Millie Sinden.
  • Best Male Voiceover Performance - Guy Harris
    Guy Harris, Chris Kent and John Mundy were finalists, but Guy Harris took the award with "Radio 1 Trail Sport Relief". Produced by Dan Prior (Radio 1).
  • Best Female Voiceover Performance - Becky Whitcroft
    Jane Jermyn, Posy Brewer, and Becky Whitcroft were the 2014 finalists. Becky was crowned 2014 winner with "Curry On". Produced by Rich O’Donoghue, Written by Louise Rogers, Voiced by Ian Swann and Becky Whitcroft.