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Using the Search Tool
Audio Issues
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Can I talk with someone who can help my company find a voiceover?

Yes. We have over 10 years of experience of the voiceover industry and can help you find a voice to match your requirements. We have a large library of voiceover demos. Please drop us a line with your requirement and we will tell you if we can or can't help.
Our email address is info@voiceovers.co.uk, and you can call us on (020)7099 2264 or +44(0)1752 207313.

We want audio for our phone system/computer software/website etc. Can you help?

Yes we can; many companies will use our services as we can arrange & record voices on your behalf. Please see under "Our Services" (or click here).

We are not based in the UK, can you still help?

Yes we offer our services to non-UK companies, however, ask for pre-payment until an account history is established.

What type of companies use Voiceovers.co.uk?

A complete mixture! From multi-million dollar stateside advertising agencies wanting voices for large TV campaigns to authors wanting segments of their book read out for their website and small companies wanting on-hold or answer-machine audio up to large corporates wanting voices for their rebranding exercise. Normally "no job too small or too large".

What type of costs are involved?

Apart from the voiceover artists' skills and experience, the industry requires non-domestic and generally expensive equipment to ensure that the voice is recorded effectively without distortion, background noise, echo or reverb. Some voices will have invested in their own professional studio, or, for example, London based studio rates are generally upwards of 100 GBP per hour, minimum of an hour booking. So, costs can vary and you generally get what you pay for.
For one off jobs, think 100 GBP minimum, otherwise look towards industry standards in pricing, such as Equity guidelines. Corporate uses usually start at between 150 GBP and 300 GBP per hour of recording. On-hold recordings and radio commercial work can demand lower rates, but for this producers will tend to use a voice many times over, making the working relationship worthwhile. Hard-to-find and foreign language voices tend to be more expensive.

Using the Search Tool

How can I find a voiceover artist using your website?

Under the "Voice Search" section of the website, you can access the "Classic Search", "Categories" or "New Talent" sub-sections.
"Classic Search" allows you to perform keyword searching by entering such searches as "Commercial voice based in London" (which will equate to "Commercial London").
More examples, "Corporate ISDN", "Character mp3", "Trendy", "Senior Italian", "Young Spanish" etc.
Do not put quotes around search words.
If you are looking for a voice by UK location try entering the county and not the town/city.
The "Categories" section allows you quick access to popular searches, including our very popular "ISDN Fax and Dial" list used by many commercial producers.
The "New Talent Section" puts you at the cutting edge of new talent. There are some gems in this section, although some will require more direction than others.
After accessing voices under these sections, you can click to listen to voice demos.

Some keyword searches come up with zero results. Am I doing something wrong?

Are you being too specific or too vague? If a keyword applies to 90% of the voices on the site, then it may not be included due to it's limited filter value. Many voices are versatile; so many can be "soft", "hard" etc. You may do better to list all voices and preview some demos.
Alternatively, your keyword may not be known by the system so try looking under the "Categories" section which includes some popular searches. If you cannot find the voice you are looking for, consider using our Voicecasting service; email your requirement to info@voiceovers.co.uk and see if we can find a voice and quote suitable for your project.

Who are "new talent" voices?

The main sections of the site showcase those voices who are established in the industry. These voices get regular, daily voice work and many will be able to take your script and provide a great read, even without direction. New Talent or "aspiring" voiceovers are those who are breaking into the industry and may not have had as much experience.

Audio Issues

I can't hear any audio

This could be due to a number of factors. If you can visit other websites and can hear audio fine, then this could point towards an issue with "flash play". Try unclicking the "Flash-play demos" option and re-searching. If this still does not work, click to download the mp3 file which should download and play on your normal mp3 player (e.g. Windows Media Player). If you continue to have problems, please email us at info@voiceovers.co.uk

The audio is stuttering

Stuttering audio is normally due to a slow connection to the internet; Try downloading the mp3 file instead.


How do I edit my webpage text?

If you are a subscriber and your website page is: www.voiceovers.co.uk/first.lastname
Then, you can visit your update menu at:

Can I have a photo on my site?

Yes. Email it to us in JPG format, or post it to us. We have a priority email address for subscribers which you should have been told when you signed up.

Can I update my audio samples?

Yes. Email them to us in mp3 format (128Kbps or above). There is not an automated update mechanism. All clips are listened to manually and volume is made consistent if required. Your samples may be re-encoded for the web.

How many samples can I have?

The webpage limit is currently 4. Your sample limit on search engine results is currently 15.

I'm not appearing when I search for "x", why not?

This could be because the keyword is unknown. Is anyone appearing under this search? If so, do they have a demo which directly shows their abilities relating to this keyword? Drop us an email to discuss and rectify.

How do I change the search results description?

Please email us. Search results descriptions are edited by us to prevent them becoming used inappropriately.

Do you offer telephone support?

We try our best! If your enquiry is not urgent, we always prefer an email. We have a priority email address for subscribers which you should have been told when you signed up. You can also call us on (020)7099 2264 or +44(0)1752 207313.

Do you have studio facilities I can use?

Yes. We have our own facilities which can be hired for certain uses, depending on availability. We are based in Devon. See under "Our Services" (or click here).

When is my recurring annual fee due? Can I pay online?

Please email us to find out when your subscription is due. You cannot currently pay online; we prefer payment via BACS or cheque quoting your invoice reference number. Please always await an invoice from us prior to paying.

Freelance Producers and Production companies

Can I offer you my production services to resell?

Yes, we do use independent producers and production companies to satisfy our customers' needs. Please email/post us giving as much detail as possible including: Your services, your rate card, your turnaround time, your booking methods, audio demo if available.
Please see under "Our Services" (or click here).


Can I advertise on your website?

Apart from voiceover subscriptions, we do not currently offer banner advertising or other forms of advertising as we find it distracts from the aim of the website.

Can we do a 'link exchange'?

We do not currently have an external links section. Although we do analyse who is linking to us and will consider these companies first if we set up such a page.

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