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Alysander Greek Voice

Greek male voice artist recordings available.

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Question and Answer Section
Do you record in English and do you have any examples?
Yes I do record in English as well. My accent sounds a little British, a little American, a little European and… a lot like me. I usually prefer when someone wants a neutral English accent or a localized one.
What project are you most proud of?
Being the official Greek Voice for Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz).
How long have you been a voiceover artist?
I have been a voiceover since 1996.
Are you available every day?
Yes I am available everyday. I can also be flexible with different time zones.
Have you won any awards for your work?
Several, usually advertising awards.
What brand names do you count as previous clients for training/e-learning work?
The Atomium, Mercedes-Benz, Booking.com etc.

Greek male voice artist recordings available.