Our Services
Our team are experienced in all aspects of managing the voiceover recording process, and are qualified audio producers.

Our services include:

- Voiceover casting, finding the right voice(s) for your content
- Costing and ensuring you are covered with regards obtaining the correct licenses/permissions to use the recordings
- Arranging translation of scripts if necessary
- Scheduling studio time convenient to the voice artist and you, the client
- Engineering the session ensuring it's recorded to our quality standards
- Supporting any listen-in sessions, guiding the session and allowing you to interject with comments
- Processing audio recordings, removing errors and de-breathing activities
- Other specialist audio engineering tasks, such as removal of mouth clicks, audio enhancements, time matching
- Audio production tasks, such as mixing music with voiceover recordings

Just drop us an email and we can let you know if we can help, or point you in the right direction!
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