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We have a team of friendly people who can help you cast voices for your projects. We can not only suggest voices but help arrange the recordings for you, and if applicable any associated translation and editing etc.
Please call us on (020)7099 2264 or +44(0)1752 207313.

If you want to describe your requirement in an email, please email info@voiceovers.co.uk.

If you're unsure what questions we'll probably ask you, please have a read of our guidelines below. All voice artists have different rate expectations and there is no set rate card for most projects. However can give you a ballpark rate and then a firm quote when you have chosen a shortlist of 2 or 3 artists and your script is finalised.

Type of voice

It is useful if you have an idea of the type of voice you'd like. Male, female? Age range? Accent?
You'll probably want to build on a brand image, or perhaps you just want to get a particular feeling over, for example, trusting, energetic, youthful or down to earth.

Different methods of recording

To what degree you want to participate in the actual recording session will impact cost and voice choice. Generally the widest choice of voices and most cost effective method is
a) Over the fence. In this scenario you pass over the script with some written guidelines on style and receive the finished recordings by email mp3, wav etc. To ensure you get the style you want, most clients will refer to a sample on the voice artists demo - or indeed if it's a large script we can often record the first paragraph or so and get you to listen and approve before the full script is recorded.

If you have a very specific idea on how you want the recording to sound, you may want to have a little more control.
With b) The Listen-in session you can listen into the recording session via telephone. You don't need to hire or visit a separate studio, just need access to a telephone and sit in a quiet location. An engineer/director will record and direct the bulk of the session and you can interject with comments. Due to the nature of these sessions they are costed up based on time rather than script length - and given the script we can advise how long the session will need to be. Not all voice artists can be patched in live, especially our foreign language voices, so this method may not be available for your chosen voice artist.

The next degree of control is c) The Directed session. In this situation it would be your responsibility to record and direct the session, and remove errors from the resulting recordings. You'd use an ISDN equipped studio to link up to the voice artist who is present at another studio with ISDN capability. If you don't have an ISDN equipped studio then you'll have to arrange and pay for this separately.
This method is normally costed up in hour session blocks, and you'll normally find studio hire will be by the hour too. You'll have much more control of the session recording but the downside is that it will probably work out more costly, and your selection of voices will be limited to those who have access to an ISDN studio.

The traditional way of recording a voiceover is d) Voiceover in person. The voiceover artist will travel to your designated studio and you record and direct them in person. Ideal if your chosen voice is based in London etc. and you are happy to arrange studio hire. Some voices not based in London are happy to travel for a session but you may incur travel expenses.

Your Script

If you already have a copy of your script, please email it with your enquiry. We can estimate how long it will take to record. If you don't have a script available then we may have difficulty costing up a recording.


This is where you are going to use the recording - the license for it's use.
Would you expect the voiceover artist who does a tag line for a McDonalds commercial to be paid the same as that on an in-store announcement in a local shop? This is the concept of usage - and generally means that it is not necessarily the time it takes to record your script, but more importantly how much exposure it's likely to get.
If you wanted to record some audio for a corporate DVD or presentation, then you would likely find that no additional usage charge would be applicable. But this recording would be licensed for this use only - and you couldn't then use it on a radio commercial, your website, or something that has more exposure unless you make a further payment or agree the usage terms upfront. If the recording is for a TV, radio or web campaign, then for you to get the most appropriate cost for your use it's best to be as specific as you can. For example, i's going to be used on xxx.com for 6 months only, or it's only for broadcast on these particular channels for a set time limit. If you have the TVR data available, then this is also useful when costing up recordings for national or regional TV adverts.

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