Privacy Policy

We believe in being a responsible Internet service and have written the following privacy statement. is owned and run by Voiceovers Ltd. a UK registered company.
You and your data
This site does not automatically capture personal data, other than by standard logging (IP address, browser type etc.) for anonymous statistical/hit rate purposes. There are however, certain areas which will ask you to provide personal data such as name, e-mail address, postal address, and telephone details. Such data is provided on a voluntary basis, but may be essential so that we may contact you in order to fulfil your request or enquiry.

In each case, we use the data you provide for the purpose of which is explained to you at the time. Rest assured that the information you provide will only be used by Voiceovers Ltd. and will not be forwarded to any other organisation without your permission unless for directly obtaining a quote for you (see below).

We may however use this data to send you information about Voiceovers Ltd. in order to promote current or future services provided by us, which you may find of interest. For example, if you are a registered user on the website we may send you information from time to time.
Enquiries via
As a user of (for example an audio producer searching for a voiceover artist) it may be necessary for us to process your enquiry enquiry and forward contact details to the voiceover(s) in question in order to provide you with the information you require. In this case, the recipient of this information is asked to use it only in connection with your enquiry, although we don't provide any assurance of this.
Booking a session or voice recording with us
We will request your full company name and address, contact information, and details of your project which may include the script. Some or all of the details of your project will be shared with our suppliers (e.g. translators/voiceover artists) when costing it up. The details will then be included in our formal quote which we will pass to you.

When we record your script, this will be shared with the voiceover artist, and studio/engineer/editor as appropriate. Scripts are not treated as confidential unless specifically indicated, and we recommend you asking us and the voice artists to sign an NDA if there is a specific project which includes sensitive information. Please ensure confidential documents are marked as such on each page of the document (for example in the header and/or footer).

Resultant recordings are normally delivered via our download area, a link will be emailed to you.
Contact details, project details, scripts and recordings are normally kept on file, to assist in processing your future projects or pickups/re-records. We do not provide an archive service, please keep a copy of recordings yourself, as older scripts and recordings are deleted when space is required.

We may contact you in the future to see if you have future projects you'd like us to cost up.
Small parts of the recordings and client name may be used in marketing by us or our voice artists (for example, inclusion on a voiceover showreel/portfolio).
Contacting voiceovers directly
Please note that when contacting a voiceover direct, we cannot be held responsible for the use of any data you supply to them. Voiceovers are asked to treat such data in a respectful manner. It is advised that you add a confidentiality clause (if required), or detail how you wish this information to be used to any correspondence.