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Welcome to the area of the website which has information for newbie and established voice artists alike.

You probably found our website because you're looking to increase your opportunities and work in this industry. Or it's just an industry you think you'd like to be involved in.

This part of the website contains information for voiceover artists, whether they pay to subscribe to our services or not.
We are different
We set up Voiceovers.co.uk because we were working in the industry and felt there was a need for a service like ours. (This was back before mp3 files, before Google!)
So in 1998 we launched the very first online voiceover directory on the planet, and the same people have been running it since.

At that time it was extremely difficult as an independent voice artist (as in one without an agent) to get work. Voices would post cassette tapes to radio stations and studios across the country.
Our aim then, as it is now: to get our family of voiceover artists work.
We believe that the way to do that is to build a community of the finest voices, making Voiceovers.co.uk and our other sites a focal point to help companies fulfil their requirements.

Unfortunately there are a lot of voiceover websites who are eager to take money from voices, but have no real connection to the industry. We believe we are different. We arrange recordings every day for a client base we've built up over the past twenty years. We proof audio, we edit audio, we link up with voices from our studio and patch clients in to direct. We deal with hundreds of emails and calls a week from clients looking for voices for their projects. So we feel we have a good handle on the industry as it is now, the rate expectations and the types of voices who are likely to be in more demand than others.

If you're a voiceover artist yourself, please see 'Setting up a profile' section for more information.
Voiceover Handbook
We've also written a Voiceover Handbook.

We've answered 135 of the most common questions, including:
What studio equipment will I need?
How do I cost up corporate jobs?
What should I put on my demo?
How do I mark up a script?
How can I improve my sight reading?
Can I learn character voices?