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German Voice overs

Natascha German female

Natascha is a London based native German speaking voice. She's happy recording both English and German lanaguages plus German character voices.

Tina German female

Tina is a London based German native voiceover. She can record both German language and English with a German accent. Versatile with characters.

Eva German Female

Eva is suited to either corporate or commercial German projects. 48 hour MP3 turnaround is usually applicable. Min session fees
  • MP3/WAV

Erika German Female

Erika, is a bright and bubbly German voice artist. She's best suited for upbeat recordings.
  • MP3/WAV

Alexandra - German Female

An experienced and versatile German voiceover artist. Ideal for corporate videos and other foreign language projects.
  • MP3/WAV

Sigrid German Female

Sigrid is a German speaking voice based in France. She has a fun, sexy style with a youthful approach.
  • MP3/WAV

Wolfgang German Male

Youthful sounding German male ideal for trendy corporate reads and other German projects. MP3 turnaround usually 48 hours. Min session fees
  • MP3/WAV

Rolf German Male

Established German voice for corporate and commercial work. Usually 48 hour MP3 turaround. Min session fees
  • MP3/WAV

German Alba

Alba has a male German voice artist with a rich, warm quality. He's comfortable with recordings in both German and English language.
  • MP3/WAV

Ella German Female

Warm corporate reads and other commercial projects in German. Usually can do 48 hour mp3 turnaround. Min session fees
  • MP3/WAV

German Jens

A bright, young, German voice over. Talented with character scripts too!
  • MP3/WAV

Jurgen German & French Male

Jurgen is fluent in both French and German. Ideal for consistency through localization. Usually 48 hour mp3 turnaround. Min fees apply
  • MP3/WAV

Sandra German Female

Warm German voice, ideal for friendly corporate scripts and foreign projects. Usually 48 hour mp3 turnaround. Min session fee
  • MP3/WAV

Axel German Male

Axel is a young, German voice. He has a clean, fresh sound and is perfect for new media/technology and anything else aimed at a younger audience.
  • MP3/WAV

Janica Austrian Female

An Austrian female voice artist who can record in both German (with an Austrian accent) and also in the Austro-Bavarian dialect.
  • MP3/WAV

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