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Spanish Voice overs

Dan American Male

Professional American / Latin Spanish voice artist. Corporate or commercial scripts in both languages. Min fees apply. Usually 48 hour mp3 turnaround. Not UK based.
  • MP3/WAV

Oswaldo Spanish Male

European Spanish Male with a youthful sound. Not based in the UK.
  • MP3/WAV

Juan - Spanish Male

Top multi-lingual Spanish and English voiceover based in Colombia (South America). (Non-European Spanish Accent). No small jobs, min session fee applies.

Spanish male Lucio

Lucio has a young sounding, lively voice - full of personality! He's an upbeat Latin Spanish voice over with a variety of styles.
  • MP3/WAV

Davilo Spanish Male

A European Castilian Spanish speaking voice. A versatile voice with a talent for character roles as well as straight narration pieces.
  • MP3/WAV

Jose - Spanish Male

Experienced European Spanish voice. Great reads for corporate or commercial styles. Usually 48 hour mp3. Min fees apply
  • MP3/WAV

Xander Castilian and Galician Spanish Male

Xander is a Castilian and Galician Spanish speaking voice. He's a versatile voice who can adapt for commercial, gaming and even singing work! Not UK based.
  • MP3/WAV

Rafael Spanish Male

Rafael is a young, European Spanish speaking male voicewith a genuine sound. Great for youthful corporate pieces and web promos.
  • MP3/WAV

David Spanish Male

A young Spanish voiceover with cool to natural reads for corporate and commercial scripts. Next day mp3 available. Min fees apply
  • MP3/WAV

Blanco - Spanish Male

Neutral Latin Spanish or English language scripts. Flexible for fun commercial or straight corporate reads. Usually 48 hour mp3 turnaround. Min fees apply
  • MP3/WAV

Riqui Castilian Male

Riqui is a Spanish Castilian speaker, based in Spain. Available for MP3/WAV recordings for commercial, corporate and character scripts.
  • MP3/WAV

Federico Latin male

A young Latin Spanish voice; London based. Native to Argentina but happy to record in neutral Latin accent as well as Argentine.
  • MP3/WAV

Nando - Spanish Male

US based neutral Spanish Voiceover Talent with more than ten years of experience both in the US and Latin America. (Non-European Spanish Accent). No small jobs, min session fee applies.

Gilberto - Spanish Male

One of the top Spanish Voiceovers in the world. Based in the USA. (Non-European Spanish Accent). Min session fee applies.

Videl Latin Spanish male

A deep, rich, experienced Latin Spanish voice artist. Great for powerful reads with conviction. Based in Argentina. MP3/WAV bookings avaialble.
  • MP3/WAV

Guillermo Spanish Male

A versatile Latin Spanish voice available for English language reads through Spanish movie trailer styles. Based in L.A.
  • MP3/WAV

Javier - Spanish Male

Top UK-based Spanish MVO. Popular for corporate work. (European Castillian Spanish Accent). LONDON.
  • MP3/WAV

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