Belgian French voiceover artists

Belgian French refers to the variant of French spoken mainly in the French-speaking region of Wallonia in Belgium. It's largely similar to the French spoken in France, known as Metropolitan French, in terms of grammar and vocabulary. That said, there are some regional differences in accent, pronunciation, and some vocabulary words.

In terms of pronunciation, Belgian French often has a distinctive "flat" intonation compared to the French spoken in France. Also, certain sounds and phonetic shifts can be different, including the pronunciation of certain vowel combinations and the "r" sound.

When it comes to voiceover recordings, the choice between Belgian French and Metropolitan French would depend on the target audience. If the target audience is specifically in Belgium, a Belgian French voiceover might be more relatable and sound more authentic. However, for a broader Francophone audience, a voiceover in standard Metropolitan French might be preferred due to its wider understandability. Regardless, the differences are generally not so significant as to impede mutual intelligibility.

Cedric is a Belgian-French voiceover artist. Popular for online content aimed for a Belgian audience, such as adverts, explainers, telephone audio and eLearning.
Suzanne Is French-Belgian. Great for corporate work and other language projects. Min session fee. Usually 48 hour turnaround
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