Bulgarian voiceover artists

The Bulgarian language is a South Slavic language primarily spoken in Bulgaria, where it's the official language, and also in regions of some neighboring countries. It's unique among Slavic languages in several ways, such as its development of a definite article, which is postfixed to the noun, and the lack of noun cases (except for the vocative).

When working with Bulgarian in voiceover, one must be aware that Bulgarian uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Of course you can transliterate your script as it may help when working with the audio recording. It is also important to remember that the language has a rich set of informal expressions and idioms, which, if used appropriately, can make the content more relatable and engaging. So we recommend you use a native Bulgarian translator for your script.

If you need a native Bulgarian speaker for your voiceover project or content, then you've come to the right place.

A native Bulgarian voiceover artist with a clear, youthful sound. Great for friendly corporate reads. Not UK based
A clear, natural, Bulgarian male voice available for corporate, commercial and character voice-overs. Based in the UK.
A mature, experienced, native Bulgarian voice. Powerful and authoritative. Not UK based.
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