French (Canadian) voiceover artists

The French language spoken in Canada, known as Canadian French or Quebec French, has some distinct characteristics and differences compared to the French spoken in France. These variations are primarily due to historical, cultural, and geographic factors.

Some key differences between Canadian French and European French include pronunciation, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. In terms of pronunciation, Canadian French generally has more nasal vowel sounds and different intonation patterns compared to European French. Vocabulary can also differ, with unique words and expressions that have evolved in Canadian French over time.

The voices on this page are Canadian French voiceover artists. We also have a separate section if you're looking for European French voice artists.

Laurance is a French Canadian voice artist. He's diverse with his style from corporate right through to acting scripts.
A versatile male Canadian voice. Adaptable from natural role plays to serious corporates and through to bright commercial styles. Based in Canada.
Warm, friendly sounding French Canadian voice. Also suited to natural reads.
Lilou is a native French Canadian speaker. An experienced voice with a soft, sexy sound. Not UK based.
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