Flemish voiceover artists

"Flemish" is a term often used to describe the variant of Dutch spoken in the northern part of Belgium, known as Flanders. Technically, Flemish is not a separate language, but a collective term for the Dutch dialects spoken in Flanders, which have some differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and syntax compared to the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands.

In the context of voiceover recordings, the use of Flemish or Dutch would largely depend on the target audience. Flemish voiceovers would be most appropriate for content aimed specifically at an audience in Flanders. There are some differences in pronunciation between Flemish and Dutch: the most notable one is the softer 'g' sound in Flemish. The vocabulary can also differ slightly, with certain words and expressions being used exclusively in one region or the other.

Looking for a Flemish Voiceover? Please get in touch with us if you're looking for a Flemish native speaker for your voiceover project.

Thomas is a Flemish voice suited to corporate/tutorial/audio guide scripts. A straight talking, informative tone.
Jérémie is a native Flemish speaker based in Belgium. He has a familiar, natural style.
Warm, modern Flemish voice, ranging from youthful, bright, friendly and conversational all the way to authoritative and factual.
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