Hungarian voiceover artists

Hungarian, also known as Magyar, is a Finno-Ugric language spoken primarily in Hungary and regions of neighbouring countries where Hungarian communities reside. Unlike most other languages in Europe that belong to the Indo-European language family, Hungarian falls under the Uralic language group, setting it apart linguistically from its geographical neighbors.

Hungarian phonetics is characterised by a harmonious vowel system and an abundance of consonants, including some that are unique to the language, like the voiceless palatal fricative. Word stress is consistently on the first syllable, which sets a distinctive rhythm for speech and requires voiceover artists to maintain this rhythm while conveying different emotions and intentions.

We can record your voice projects with a native Hungarian voiceover artist. Localising to Hungarian is popular because they are a very proud nation and there is a significant part of the population who do not speak a second language fluently.

Female Hungarian corporate and commerical voice. Min fees do apply. Allow at least 48 hour mp3 turnaround.
Experienced male Hungarian voiceover artist. Ideal for corporate, eLearning/training projects.
Experienced Hungarian Male voice artist. Can adapt style for different projects. Great for corporate and e-learning scripts.
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