Punjabi voiceover artists

Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by millions in the Punjab regions of Pakistan and India, and among communities worldwide.

Punjabi is tonal in nature, meaning the pitch or tone used can alter the meaning of a word, which is an essential factor in accurately capturing the language's melody in voiceovers. It also features a rich system of consonants and vowels that give it a distinct sound.

The tone of voiceovers may vary from formal for presentations to warm and engaging for commercials, reflecting the renowned hospitality of the Punjabi culture. An experienced Punjabi voiceover artist would not only master the language's unique phonetics and grammatical structures, but also the cultural nuances, ensuring an authentic delivery that resonates with Punjabi-speaking audiences.

Ikjot is a versatile Punjabi voiceover suited to corporate or commercial reads. Min fees apply. Usually 48 hour mp3 turnaround
Rahee is a talented multilingual voice. she can record in English as well as Hindi, Marathi and Punjabi. Samples for each available. Not based in the UK.
Very experienced - corporate reads with conviction or fun commercial projects. Good turnaround, usually 48 hour mp3. Min session fee
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