Taiwanese (language) voiceover artists

When people refer to the "Taiwanese language," they're typically referring to Taiwanese Hokkien, also known as Southern Min, a language that's part of the Chinese language family and is distinct from Mandarin. Taiwanese Hokkien is primarily spoken by people in southern Fujian province in China, Taiwan, and by overseas communities. In Taiwan, it's traditionally been the language of the home and daily life, while Mandarin, the official language, is used in education, government, and formal settings.

There can be some confusion between Taiwanese Hokkien and Mandarin with a Taiwanese dialect. The latter is essentially Mandarin as spoken by people in Taiwan and has a distinct accent compared to the Beijing standard, with some influence from Taiwanese Hokkien on vocabulary and syntax.

Hence, when selecting a voiceover artist, it's essential to consider the specific target audience and choose the appropriate language variant.

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