Taiwanese (Mandarin dialect) voiceover artists

In Taiwan, the official and most widely spoken language is Mandarin Chinese, also known as Standard Mandarin or Guoyu. However, the version of Mandarin spoken in Taiwan has some differences in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar compared to the Mandarin spoken in Mainland China, which is known as Putonghua. This is partly due to historical factors and the influence of local languages.

The pronunciation of Mandarin in Taiwan differs somewhat from Beijing Mandarin, but less so than the vocabulary. Additionally, Traditional Chinese characters are used in writing, as opposed to the Simplified Chinese characters used in Mainland China.

Taiwanese Mandarin and the Taiwanese language (Taiwanese Hokkien) are two distinct languages. It's important to know your target audience and choose the language or accent accordingly. Standard Taiwanese Mandarin would generally be understood by all Mandarin speakers, and you'd only want Taiwanese Hokkien if you want authenticity to projects targeting a specific local audience.

Ya-Chi is a Taiwanese native speaking Mandarin with a Taiwanese accent. He's not UK based and turnaround usually takes around three business days.
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