About Licensing

Where and how the recording will be used
Voiceover recordings, such a stock images, music or other content building blocks are licensed for specific uses. It's pretty rare to obtain complete buyout rights to a recording as it can be very costly.

It's therefore important to define where and how you plan to use your content.
We can normally include internal corporate use as a standard license to all recordings.
For online use, it's important to distinguish between 'standard' online use and 'commercial' online use, the latter is where you are using the content as an advert (such as a Youtube pre-roller).

Although you can obtain licenses at a later date, it's typically more cost effective to get an all-in costing which includes both recording and the licensing you require.

Our online 'Submit a brief' form will ask you all the right questions, and we can ensure you have the correct licenses from the outset.