Can voiceovers make elearning more engaging?

"/> Can voiceovers make elearning more engaging?

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Can voiceovers make elearning more engaging?

Studies have shown that highly engaged teams “show 21% greater profitability” (Gallup, 2017).

So how do you improve engagement in your workforce learning material?

We believe the answer is by adding voiceover and we’re going to tell you why.
It helps to reduce cognitive load
We’ve all been there, watching a late-night Scandinavian drama before bed, blurry eyed and struggling to keep up with the subtitles. Including voiceover in your training materials reduces the cognitive load on your learners allowing them to focus more of their attention on the message itself.
It’s great for multi-device delivery
Let’s be honest, nobody wants to sit and scroll through 2,000 words of health and safety training on a mobile device. The text is tiny, it’s hard to read and it’s no fun. Using voiceover will make for a far more comfortable experience, especially for learners on the go. Do you have drivers or staff who travel a lot? This could be the ideal way to deliver your internal communications to staff who aren’t office based.
It’s better for reluctant readers
Just because some of your learners are reluctant readers it doesn’t mean they should miss out. It wouldn’t be fair and it might not be safe. Adding voiceover to your explainers makes the content far more accessible to your audience who struggle with text and provides another channel for them to absorb all of that crucial info.
It’s more human
The moment we’re born we’re tuned in to all the voices around us. We rely on them to guide us and teach us the ways of the world –it’s human nature. Using voiceover in your elearning project or tutorial provides your learners with that human connection and might help the learning feel more genuine.
You get the freedom to be more creative
In today’s battle to keep learners engaged you should be employing every tool to help them stay focused. Mix it up a little! Why not use voiceover to help deliver your next learning module by Podcast? No need to be sat at a computer – give your learners the freedom to choose a comfortable and convenient time to take part.
Want to add voiceover to your next elearning project?
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